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Hypnotherapy is a type of mind-body intervention in which hypnosis is used to create a state of focused attention and increased suggestibility in the treatment of a medical or psychological disorder or concern.


Advantage of hypnotherapy

Resolution to the problem in 1 to 5 meetings

The results are visible already after the first meeting. Depending on the needs and the specific features of the client's personality 1 to 5 consultations are required to resolve the problem.

Checking the result in real conditions

Upon completion of the work you immediately go to the situation where you felt uncomfortable before. If you had a fear of dating – go get acquainted, if there was fear of the subway - go to the subway, etc.

The problem goes away in full and forever

Since in hypnotherapy we work with the root of the problem, not with the symptom (the visible part). After working through the problem goes away forever!

Маркелов Андрей

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It is important for me my clients to get good results with me. Thus, the approach to each person is individual and the specific nature of work with each client is always different. Indeed, much is achieved through a careful approach to each individual client's problem.

  • the format of my work in this area is hypnotherapy with neurotic and psychosomatic problems
  • i possess knowledge of Classical and American hypnotizing and therapy methods
  • in my work the following methods are used: regression hypnotherapy, dissociative methods, emotional-figurative therapy, cognitive psychology and elements of Gestalt therapy. With the aid of this I can find destructive suggestions and beliefs (the crux of the matter)
  • i’m a member of the Eastern European association of hypnotherapists and clinical psychologists (EAHP)

It is wrong to imagine that psychosomatic problems are grounded only on emotional aspects excluding the cognitive side. Therefore, in my work, I focus not only on emotions, but also on the cognitive sphere including the search for the client’s deep orientation.

Returning to the initial event (the crux of the matter) is only part of the work in resolving the problem in this approach. Getting rid of the emotional component we kind of “diffuse the bomb” that is run by triggers to which our sense organs react unconsciously causing symptoms and our behavior.

The next step is to change the deep beliefs of the client, obtained in any kind of traumatic situation and anchored by reaffirmation in every way of life.

We go through event after event where we correct the blueprint thinking replacing wrong and destructive beliefs with adaptive perception of reality, thereby changing the patterns of thinking and behavior.


Dealing with hypnosis we reach client’s unconscious since that’s where all our beliefs, inculcation and learning are laid. On that basis, every individual’s worldview is formed subsequently. The way we view the world makes our attitude to particular things and events. The same event can be perceived by different people in completely different way. By consequence, person’s behavior and self-perception will also be different in this situation. Therefore, if a person has some destructive beliefs like “I can’t do anything”, “I don’t succeed in anything”, “I’m no good to anyone”, they form the basis of his worldview, thereby distorting his perception of reality and restricting his behavior.

Generally, destructive beliefs take root amid very negative emotions that was substantiated in a single case and generalizing it to the whole life experience. I. P. Pavlov described this phenomenon as a response mechanism. When in a similar situation a person get programmed which in turn causes earlier emotions. Although there may be no apparent (perceived) reasons.

Changing beliefs of a person you change his worldview and perception of himself as a whole, which in turn leads to a new adaptive behavior.

By contacting Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Center


After just a few meetings you'll be completely rid of disturbing behavior. And you'll become confident in any situation.


You will stop (subconsciously) avoiding situations terrified you before. And then nothing will stop you in your life's journey.


You will stop diffusing your energy on wrestling with yourself and feel full of strength and energy immediately.


You will feel a significant change in your emotional condition after the first meetings.

More often than not, causes of psychological challenges are not obvious and cannot make logical sense. Quite the opposite – they are hidden within the unconscious, in the memory of past events, upsets and disappointments.

Dealing with hypnosis, it becomes possible to find exactly those traumatic events in memory that are the heart of the problem, to relive them and to change your attitude towards them with help of a hypnotherapist.

Reasons for seeking hypnotherapy

  • — Fears, phobias and anxiety: Fear of dogs, heights, water, speed, darkness, driving, fears of enclosed spaces, large crowds, judgment, public speaking, strangers, phone conversations, dating, sex, death, etc.
  • — Destructive feelings and emotions: Baseless state of alarm, resentment, pity, sadness, guilt, shame, loneliness, longing, horror, hatred, jealousy, permanent state of stress, panic attacks, depression, etc.
  • — Emotional scars: Divorce, the consequences of sexual violence, fear of losing a relationship, love addiction, the passing of a loved one and so on.
  • — Somatic sensations: Muscle clamps, tension in the body, a lump in the throat, pressure in the chest, palpitations, shortness of breath, muscle-facial tic and other unpleasant sensations in the body.
  • — Somatic symptoms without clear organic disorder: Stuttering (logoneurosis), anorexia, inorganic loss of erection, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, anorgasmia, enuresis, etc.
  • — Skin conditions: allergies, psoriasis, eczema, urticaria, seborrhea, dermatitis, neurodermitis and so on.
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Нестандартные задачи с использованием гипноза

Hypnosis is also used to

  • Remember forgotten things – early childhood, the embryonic period, what your mother looked like, etc.
  • Search for missing objects – where you put your documents, where you left your keys, your email password, etc.
  • Support during surgeries – preparation for surgery, hypnotic anesthesia, recovery after surgery, etc.
  • Hypnosis for athletes – unlock of the hidden potential, setting the key for the morale, psychological adjustment before competitions, autogenic training.
  • Visit past lives

You should not seek for counseling in case of:

  • You have had some kind of surgery or a compound fracture recently
  • You have some mental disorders (schizophrenia, mental retardation, bipolar disorder, autism, etc.)
  • You have obsessive suicidal ideation
  • You have a heart condition
  • You’re pregnant

The client is fully liable for the technical readiness for a session via Skype:

  1. A room where no one can disturb you and hear our conversation (we will talk about personal things)
  2. Stable Internet connection
  3. Camera and headset (headphones and microphone)
  4. High-quality video image on the monitor and sound
  5. Ensuring trouble-free operation of equipment and services


Work with children and adolescents

Conditions for working with children:

  1. A child is able to explain the problem in his own words.
  2. Hypnotherapist can develop a trusting relationship with a child.
  3. Working without presence of parents.

Starting from the age of 6, a child may need help of a hypnotherapist in dealing with childhood fears, stuttering, enuresis, and all that worries parents and the child. Also you may need to have some separate meetings with parents of the child to solve the problem.


Гипнотерапия с детьми

Reception conditions and the cost

  • Diagnostics is held by appointment
  • We provide a therapeutic conversation in person or via skype; this allows to understand whether hypnoanalysis is good for a client
  • Analysis of the situations and identification of negative feelings
  • We fix the outcome criteria and evaluate the number of sessions. Choose the date and time for starting work
  • Time: 1-2 hours
  • Consultation will take place only after the diagnostics
  • Consultation is provided in person in Los Angeles or via skype
  • The work is carried out by hypnotic, trance and cognitive techniques
  • The task is to remember and relive the traumatic chain once again in order to replace erroneous attitudes and form new behavioral skills
  • Time:2-3 hours
Training courses in hypnosis
  • The training sessions are conducted internally in Kharkov
  • The duration of the course is 6 days. The training course is divided into 2 parts, 3 days each, from 10am to 7pm
  • Time of the training course - 2022.
    The first 3 days — induction of hypnosis
    The second 3 days — hypnotherapy
  • During our training course you will be trained in dealing with methods and techniques necessary for independent work as a hypnotherapist

We work on a 100% prepayment basis. Making the advance payment, you confirm your intention to be at the meeting at a scheduled time.

The rescheduling of the meeting time is possible, but no later than one day before. If a client is late for e meeting or does not come the meeting is considered to have been held.

You need to get a good night’s sleep before our meeting. Don’t drink coffee, tea, or energy drinks. Don’t drink alcohol 2 days before the session. Clothing should be comfortable, not restricting movement. Makeup should be minimal (preferably without it at all), without eye makeup.

Reviews of those who applied to the Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Center

All reviews of hypnosis sessions are posted exclusively with the permission of the participants. By default, full records are confidential and cannot be disclosed.


The ability to plunge into hypnotic states is a feature of healthy psyche. The trance-like state is natural for a human. Ernest Rossi claims that trance occurs every 90 minutes. As well as sleep it is necessary for restructuring of brain activity. You can come out of the hypnosis state at any time you want.


Even in a hypnosis state it is impossible to instill a person anything that contradicts his morals or moral norms. A person absorbs things he considers acceptable.


There have been no confirmed case in the history that someone didn’t wake out from the hypnosis or that hypnosis was harmful to someone.


No one’s getting more suggestible or less suggestible. On the contrary, you will begin to understand the suggestions better and thus you will be able to control the effects of other people on you.


My practice is based on a scientific approach. Helping a person to reset his psychological clamps and relax as much as possible. External factors don’t distract from your own feelings and emotions anymore, the consciousness becomes acute. Due to this, a person reaches a high-concentration state being deep relaxed.


Being in a hypnosis state you will understand what is happening during all the session time. You will talk to me, describe your feelings and express your emotions. We will not be able to do the necessary work if you are out. After come out of the hypnotic state, you will remember everything, down to the smallest detail.


You will begin to distinguish your desires from the desires imposed by society, friends, and relatives. And it is quite possible someone will find it strange that you don’t want to be an electrician anymore, but wanna be a cook or a businessman. It may seem strange to someone that you have stopped getting drunk on holidays and acting stupid and funny. Seems odd you are not a clown anymore. It’s odd you have changed your jobs. It’s weird that you have got a new car. Strange that your family dynamic got better. It’s weird to see you have quit smoking and began to take care of yourself, went to the gym. You have started to adjust your life by yourself and do what you want to do, not someone else. And this might really seem strange for someone.


Yes. And it is better to get rid of them once and for all, than to hide them from those around you for all your life.


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